Characteristic of Learning: Authentic

Level of Technology Infusion Into the Curriculum: Adaptation

Lesson Title: Tips for Healthy Eating and Increasing Physical Activity

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Grade Level: 2

Classroom Configuration

One to one, using classroom computers or mobile laptops as rotating stations

Arizona State Content Standards

Health Education

  • Health Education Standard Grades Pre K-2
      • Strand 1: Comprehension of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
        • Concept 3: Personal Health
          • PO 2. Identify that foods are classified into food groups and that a variety of food is needed for personal health, growth, and development
          • PO 3 Identify that physical activity is integral to good health

Arizona Common Core State Standards ELA

Text Types and Purposes*


Write informative/explanatory texts in which they introduce a topic, use facts and definitions to develop points, and provide a concluding statement or section

Research to Build and Present Knowledge


Participate in shared research and writing projects

Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas


Produce complete sentences when appropriate to task and situation in order to provide requested detail or clarification.

Conventions of Standard English


Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

Arizona Educational Technology Standards (2009)

  • Strand 1: Creativity and Innovation Pre K-2
    • Concept 4: Original Works Use Technology in innovative ways
      • PO 1 Use digital tools to create original works.
  • Strand 4: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making Pre K-2
    • Concept 2: Exploring Solutions: Plan and manage activities to develop solutions to answer a question or complete a project
      • PO 2 Propose solutions by discussing data collected to answer a question
  • Strand 6: Technology Operations and Concepts Grades Pre K-2
    • Concept 1: Understanding :Recognize, define and use technology term, processes, systems and applications
      • PO 3 Choose technology applications appropriate for the audience and task.


  • The students will identify the variety of foods needed to help an individual grow and stay healthy by researching the topic and creating a digital presentation.
  • TSW list ways to be physically active by researching physical activity and identifying ways to include physical activity in daily life.


  • Teacher will present facts about obesity, diseases, and effects related to being overweight.
  • Students and teacher will learn about and discuss importance of healthy eating and physical activity.
    • Teacher can use as a resource. This site has modules and features differentiated information for different aged children, including worksheets, presentations, food cards, photographs and interactive whiteboard activities.


    • Watch The OrganWise Guys: Gimmie Five (Full Video)
          • This video has teacher's guide and blackline masters accompanying the movie
        • Or Refer to the OrganWise Guys YouTube Channel for short video clips about children's health

  • Students will have the opportunity to research topic via online resources.
  • Students and teacher will use a mind mapping tool to generate information about healthy foods and will highlight ways to include healthy foods in diets and to increase the amount of daily physical activity.
  • Students will chose 2 tips for each area, healthy eating and physical activity, and create a digital presentation of the tips.
    • Students will be able to chose from two presentation tools the teacher has selected; the options could be GlogsterEdu, Pixie, Frames, Kid Pix, PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Presentations.


  • Projector
  • Speakers
  • Computers, desk top or mobile lab
  • Kidspiration or other mind mapping software, (MindMeister, free web 2.0 tool)
  • Access to Internet
  • Presentation software for students to choose from: Glogster, Pixie, Frames, Share, Kid Pix, PowerPoint, Google Presentations, or Keynote
  • Interactive white (optional)


Students will be assessed on the content and presentation of the topic.

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Technology Integration Matrix





Goal Directed